About Us

AssistPro is an Australian based IT company with a focus on IT solutions for pharmaceutical industry. Our management team has over 23 years of experience in Pharmaceutical and Information Technology industries.

Our experience with Pharmaceuticals encapsulates direct work experience with companies like GSK, Ranbaxy and Sigma pharmaceuticals. Our management team has worked within pharmaceutical companies in varying positions ranging from Medical Rep to Managing Director level, across different geographies of the globe. We therefore understand the requirements of every level of management in pharma industry and our IT solutions are focused to assist professionals to achieve their best.

AssistPro has a team of highly skilled and qualified IT professionals who have got extensive work experience with companies like Qantas, IBM, Accenture, Fujitsu, Xont and Bank of America. We use the latest technologies to keep your organisation in front of the IT innovations. Our products are compatible with multiple platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows etc, thereby providing you the flexibility and freedom to choose the device that is best suited for your organisation and keep the IT innovation as cost- effective as possible.

At AssistPro, we recognize that Pharmaceutical sales process is different to commodity selling. Pharmaceutical companies don’t create leads, Pharma customers (Doctors/Pharmacies etc) are not consumers and Pharma companies definitely do not create a need…. hence the parameters of selling and marketing are entirely different and so are the management requirements. AssistPro helps you meet these specific requirements; AssistPro helps you analyse your sales process and focus on results.

We recognise the importance of individuality in Pharmaceutical businesses and we modify/customize/Enhance our software solutions to enrich your individuality while ensuring best possible results for your organisation.