AssistPro India

The Pharmaceutical Industry in India is the world’s third-largest in terms of volume. The Pharma industry in India is unique; it is highly fragmented with about 330 players in the organised sector (total of about 24,000 companies). The market is dominated by branded generics, which constitutes of nearly 70% to 80% of the market. From a market size of USD 12.6 billion in 2009, India Pharma market is projected to grow to USD 55 billion, by 2020.

Indian Pharma market has one of the largest number of field force in the world, In India, an estimated 80,000 representatives are employed by the Pharma industry, a number that is projected to grow to 350,000 by 2020.

One of the key questions that Indian Pharma industry faces today is, what will be the growth engine of tomorrow, Sales Force Coverage or Sales Force Capabilities?

A mere digital reporting system or sales force automation in this changing scenario can only lead to a marginal growth but to be a leader of tomorrow, Indian Pharma companies will have to manage their field force more effectively and most importantly have to complement sales force efforts with better tools/technology.

AssistPro-CXM is the first CXM product developed for Pharma, with a focus on improving your Customer Xperience Management with your company/product, AssistPro-CXM provides much more than a Sales Force Automation tool (SFA) or a Pharma-CRM.

AssistPro has strategically opened an office in India to focus and cater to the growing needs of Indian Pharma Market. With India Office set-up we intend to reduce support turn-around time for our Indian Clients and also gather India specific client/market requirement and produce product modifications specific to India and/or our clients. India-Office will also help-us to keep the India specific market requirements in mind while designing our future products I.e. AssistPro-PAGE and AssistPro-PVG.