We create long-term relationships

Product Customization:

Given the diversity of Pharmaceutical business, we believe that maintaining the individuality of your business is extremely important. We recognize that a generic IT product solution for all pharmaceutical companies could be a recipe for disaster. We at AssistPro customize our products to your specific needs so that we can adopt/monitor and promote all the best practices of your organisation. AssistPro products can also assist you to integrate your sales processes between Regional, National and Global levels.

Data Cleansing, Migration and Maintenance:

AssistPro can assist your organisation to recapture the data from various legacy systems in any format. We have multiple checks and balances to ensure that the data integrity is maintained at all times. Automated workflow management helps to avoid duplication or swelling-up of data and apply strict approval processes as per your organisation’s requirements.


We have a global expert panel, which includes Top Executives from various global pharmaceuticals companies. The expert panel constantly provides us direction to keep up with the ever-changing faces of the Pharma industry and help us develop solutions, which can best assist Pharma companies to meet any new challenges. Our team of Pharma experts can also help you design specific reports and develop analytical tools to assist you achieve your organisation’s objectives.

Cloud Computing:

Your data safety and security is paramount to our business. We host your data and our IT applications in “The Cloud” using one of the world’s most secure and safe Cloud hosting service provider. Features such as Realtime backup, level 3 security and encryption are provided to handle any eventualities and disaster recovery/management purposes. Data hosting at client site is also a possibility, if preferred.

Support and Training:

Underutilization of products can lead to low satisfaction rates; we have a highly skilled support team to assist you in getting the best from our products. We also provide one to one training to your administrators and/or sales teams, so that they themselves can manage the product administration activities.

Constant Innovation at no Additional licensing costs to your business: Our R & D team’s focus is to provide you with industry leading products through constant innovation. We undertake to provide you with the upgraded versions of our licensed products at no additional licensing cost.