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What is AssistPro-CXM?

AssistPro-CXM is the first CXM tool made for Pharma, which not only assists in organising, recording and analysing the entire sales process but also captures clients’ communication, reviews and business potential information, thereby providing Pharmaceutical companies a tool to manage entire client experience with individual products and/or the organisation.

Why AssistPro-CXM?

AssistPro-CXM is the first Pharma specific CXM that can be customized to meet your organisational requirements. For Pharma-professionals AssistPro-CXM can assist in every aspect of the sales and marketing process which include call organisation, sales analysis, KOL management, expense management, MIS reporting, marketing strategy design and monitoring and most importantly a complete Customer Xperience Management. AssistPro-CXM can work in both online and offline environments and is compatible with almost all major mobile devices and platforms.

What AssistPro-CXM cannot do:

AssistPro-CXM can’t sell a product to your customer but it can certainly record the sale/order/transactions that you create and record your customer experience with product(s) and your organisation. In short AssistPro CXM will assist you in being your best.

AssistPro-CXM: the pharma industry Game Changer

One of the key questions that the global pharmaceutical industry raises today is, what will be the growth engine of tomorrow: Sales Force Coverage or Sales Force Capabilities? Pharma industry has traditionally been depending on salesforce expansion and product pipeline to boost their sales. Rising cost of sales personnel and drying R&D pipelines are laying emphasis on the effectiveness of the sales force personnel in addition to sales force expansion. AssistPro-CXM will assist the pharma industry to accomplish the same tasks that they currently do but with higher efficiency!

One Stop Solution for All . . .

Product Features:

Take a look at AssistPro-CXM


The latest pharma communication tool

Creative & Personalised Reporting

Create personalised reports, reporting/sync schedules including Dashboard reports

High level data security & integrity

Cloud computing & checks to avoid duplication of record

Advanced user personalisation

An option to choose your preferred colourful theme

Smart Planner & Diary

Multiple search & plan options

KOL, Expenses & Leaves

KOL, Expense statement, leave management modules - Real assistant to Pharma Reps


Available in offline / online versions and is compatible with multiple platforms


It can understand your language

Sidhartha B. Chowdhury May 13, 2015

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