Sidhartha B. Chowdhury

Sidhartha B. Chowdhury May 13, 2015

AssistPro-CXM is a unique solution that serves the Pharmaceutical companies with an out of the box CRM solution. The features extend beyond a typical CRM solution and is tailored to the individual company with the in-built workflows catering to enhanced operational effectiveness
-Sidhartha B. Chowdhury, (Sidhartha in his 3 decades of Professional Service has been solving complex problems spanning all aspects of IT Industry for Fortune 1000 clients. He is a visionary IT Professional, Thought leader and an independent analyst, writing and speaking at industry leading conferences, user groups and trade publications. He has served as Vice President & Head of Engineering Solutions for multiple large organizations (Standard Chartered Bank, Tata Consultancy Services and HCL Technologies Ltd.) and has helped them with formulation and roll-out of complex projects & products.)

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