CHANDRASEKARAN K N February 6, 2018

It is an outstanding product, because it offers, an effective solution, which can help make quality decisions, for the Pharma Companies and Managers. In my mind, it is a Decision Support rather than a CRM only. What is amazing is the fact, it combines, flexibility, and easy to use, yet it offers a holistic approach to decision making process.
-CHANDRASEKARAN K N, (Chandrasekaran K N has over 30 years of experience in leadership positions with pharmaceutical companies covering almost all fields of pharma sales and marketing including Brand Pharma, Branded Generics, Generics and Bio-pharmaceuticals. Chandrasekaran started his career with GSK where he worked as a Sr. General Manager, he then joined Sandoz as Head of Commercial Operations, following this he joined Novartis as Head of Commercial Operations and then Khandelwal Labs as Chief Operating Officer. Chandrasekaran is now working as consultant to pharma companies.)

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