About Us

AssistPro is an Australian based Pharma Consulting Company. Our management team has over 30+ years of experience in Pharmaceutical Industries and specializes in green field projects.

Our experience with Pharmaceuticals encapsulates direct work experience with companies like GSK, Ranbaxy, Sigma and Nova pharmaceuticals. Our management team has worked within pharmaceutical companies in varying positions ranging from Medical Rep to Managing Director level, across different geographies of the globe. We therefore understand the requirements of every level of management in pharma industry and provide customised solutions that are suitable for your organisational structure and need.

At AssistPro, we understand that each Pharmaceutical Company and their sales processes are different.

We recognise the importance of individuality in Pharmaceutical businesses and we modify/customize/enhance our strategie to enrich your individuality while ensuring best possible results for your organisation.

AssistPro has a team of highly skilled and qualified Sales, Marketing, Training and Regulatory, professionals. We use the latest technologies to keep your organisation in front of the Pharma industry.