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Sales and Marketing

We have over 30 years of experience in the global pharma industry with focus on Australia/New Zealand market. AssistPro can certainly assist in drafting sales and marketing strategies. Our team specialises in creating sales force and corresponding marketing strategies for Australia. Considering the high cost of on-field sales force in Australia, we can help to strike right balance between on-field, tele-sales, virtual sales representative team.


We have a global expert panel including Top Executives from various global pharmaceuticals companies. The expert panel constantly provides us direction to keep up with the ever-changing faces of the Pharma industry and help us develop solutions, which can best assist Pharma companies to meet any new challenges. Our team of Pharma experts can also help you design specific reports and develop analytical tools to assist in achieving your organisation’s objectives.

Regulatory Services

We have a team of highly experienced regulatory consultants. AssistPro can manage all your regulatory projects including GMP Clearance, Product Registration, Pharmacovigilance, Clinical Trials, In-Vitro Studies, Expert report, LBS submissions and PBS applications.

Sales Training and Support

In order to achieve the best output from the sales team, your sales team need to be continuously supported with new sales techniques and experience sharing. We engage with the management/sales team to understand the management objectives and develop a strategy to translate these objectives to sales team in an effective manner. We use combination of different techniques like team building, classroom training and on-the-job training to motivate the sales team. AssistPro is happy to undertake a result-based remuneration package on sales training projects.